Picture and Message From Patron

Information Systems has much importance just like any other functions in business: marketing, operations management, finance, accounting etc. The discipline deals with how information and communications technology can be used to achieve strategic goals. The focus is on developing and using cutting-edge products to solve important organizational problems.

Studying Business Information Systems equip students to develop creative and innovative solutions to problems in government, businesses and non-profit organizations.

There is an exciting range or careers open to students who opt to study Business Information Systems that appeal to employers and academicians.

Congratulations are in order for the Business Information Systems Students’ Association (BISSA) leaders for their commendable effort that they put towards the achievement of their objectives and in alignment with their vision as well.

It is a great honortherefore to be associated with BISSA for they are a bunch of promising future professionals.  Best wishes to the BISSA executive, members and alumni in all their future undertakings and aspirations.

Dr. Kate Litondo