Purpose/ Mandate and Objectives

Core values


We ensure there is collaboration between members and the association through communication, coordination, balance of member contributions, mutual support, effort, and cohesion. This enables us to better our decisions and services to our members.


We emphasize consistency of actions, values, principles, expectations, and outcomes by ensuring there is honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions. We keep our word, and we can be trusted implicitly because of this. We aim at never compromising our values, and will do the right thing, even when it means taking a harder road.

Innovation and change

We encourage members to think and carry out activities differently which bring about change and makes PSSA unique in its practices.


We ensure job is done. If circumstances arise that prevent us from delivering on our promises, we manage expectations up front, and we do our best to make the situation right.


If a project or job falls outside our scope of expertise, we are not afraid to admit this. We immediately ask for help when we need it, and willing to learn from others.

Self- regulation

We show respect to our members, no matter what our role or situation. We exhibit a high degree of emotional intelligence (EI) by considering the emotions and needs of our members, without letting a bad day impact how we interact with them.


We hold ourselves accountable for our thoughts, words, and actions, especially when we have made a mistake. This personal accountability is closely tied to honesty and integrity, and it's a vital element in our professionalism.