Message From Patron






Message from the patron: Mr Munyao Mulwa

Procurement and Supply Chain Students Association has been is an Active Association within the school of business and it forms part of the large organization of the school of business Students. This is a professional Students body which came into existence in 2011 and special regards go to Kennedy Kamande and his team for the good work they did in making sure that the association has a place in the school of business.

I personally would like to give thanks to all the teams I have worked with in seeing this Association grow; their good work can be seen. I want those who have interest in joining this association to come in ready and prepared to grow the association to another level. Procurement is a field that is growing In Kenya and needs competent and well baked graduates to grow it further. Becoming a member of associations like this the only way one gets to learn what is expected of them through various forums, academic trips and inspiration from the alumni members who have experience in the field of procurement.

Lastly I want to appeal to all members of the school fraternity to be as supportive as possible to see Procurement Students Association Grow to the next level. To the Students; Procurement is an industry that is growing strongly in Kenya be on the watch out!