Student Mentorship : Career Opportunities at L’Oreal East Africa


Students from the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences had the opportunity to interact with industry players on Monday 20, 2024 at Lower Kabete Campus.


Speaking during the event, Aurther Ondego, Operations Director,  L’Oreal East Africa opined that there are many opportunities for students in the supply chain space.

He pointed out that world wars are won or lost based on supply chain and more so logistics. He opined that despite Germany having the best army in the world, they still lost the world war 2 after the allied forces destroyed bridges, roads, trucks and hence cutting the supply of food, medical materials and weapons.

The same happens in the business world. The best companies outdo the competition best on logistics. How quickly can you deliver your products to the customers? What is your cost of sales?  “To win in the business space, ensure the cost of sales is very low”, he said.

Arthur Ondago, having graduated with Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from the University of Nairobi in 1997. He has since worked at various companies including Odds and ends, GSK, and now at L’Oreal East Africa.   He stated that Commerce Students can easily apply their skills in purchasing, inventory, demand planning, warehousing distribution among other tasks in the company.  

Who is L’Oreal International? They are a global brand specializing in beauty products. They have 35 global brands, 4000 scientists and 85,000 employees, with a turnover of 42 Billion Euros. They have their headquarters in France.  They are proud of 561 patents as a company.

In order to fight climate change, L’Oreal is committed to environment sustainability. In this regard, they are working on use of electric cars to deliver their products and reduce air pollution.

Among the jobs available in the Logistics space include ; Customer Intergration, Forwarding and Clearance,  Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Manager, Warehouse Manager, Transport Manager, Inventory Manager, Procurement Manager, Logistics Consultant, Customer Service Representative among others.