Guidance & Counselling

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For the holistic development of students, the Office of the Dean of Students maintains through its staff of Chaplains, Counselling Psychologists and Assistant Deans of Students services to enhance students emotional, behavioral and spiritual well being. Students who want to build their strengths or are experiencing difficulties or worries are encouraged to seek the necessary assistance through this office. students facing a crisis, or trying to cope with major emotional difficulties, seeking to make a positive adjustment in your life, our team of experienced staff will offer you the necessary professional support, guidance and counselling, pertaining to a wide range of issues including but not limited to the following:

  1. Academic related issues
  2. Adjustment to university life
  3. Alcohol , drug abuse and other addictions
  4. Bereavement, grief and loss.
  5. Disability concerns
  6. Emotional issues.(Depression, Anxiety among others)
  7. Family and relationship issues
  8. Financial Needs
  9. Health Concerns (Including VCT)
  10. Personality concerns (self confidence, abnormal behaviour etc)
  11. Reproductive health counselling and support
  12. Sexual harassment, assault and related concerns
  13. Spiritual affairs
  14. Stress and Crisis management
  15. Trauma

The office of the Dean of Students also organises workshops, talks and training for students on topics of interest to students such as leadership training, relationship issues, peer counsellor training, time management, assertiveness training among others. Counselling may also be done confidentially through email for some of the issues at

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