Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Tour

 A team of lecturers and students from the Department of Management Science and Project Planning  led by the chairman, Dr. Thomas Ombati toured  of the SGR operations and maintenance on Tuesday,24th May, 2022.  The  team discussed potential areas of collaboration between the University of Nairobi and AFRISTAR  like research, student internship, industrial talks, joint case studies as well as training and consultancy.

The lecturers in the tour were: Mr. Onserio Nyamwange, Dr. Kingsford Rucha and Ms. Angela Kaguara. The students drawn from both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes included Jacqueline Muiruri, Antony Mosaremo, Catherine Wekesa, Angela Diana Ombere, Michael Nyamute and Margaret Wanjiku. The tour was very educative and eye opening through the guidance of the Deputy General Manager of Afristar Railway Operation Company, Mr. Sammy Gachuhi. The team interacted with the dispatching centre, Nairobi ICD, the rolling stock, locomotive depot, signaling centre and dynamic inspection centre.

The team noted that a lot of effort has been put in the management and maintenance of SGR operations. Safety, Signaling, Scheduling, Networking, Simulation and frequent Maintenance activities are key operations within the SGR using top-notch technology.Expatriates are keen to disseminate the knowledge they possess to the local professionals at the moment. The team had the chance to meet Concilia Owire, the first lady locomotive driver in Kenya, who drove the president in the Madaraka Express.