About Management Science


The Department of Management Science is as old as the School of Business formally Faculty of Commerce. Prior to 1988, it existed as a service department. Management Science specialization option was introduced in 1988 with the entry of the first batch of the 8-4-4 students. From 1998 the department introduced Operations Management and Management Information Systems specializations at postgraduate level. The Department also offers service courses to a number of other departments in the rest of the University.

The Position of the chairman has been held by:-

  1. Dr. James Muranga Njihia (2009 - to date)
  2. Mr. Charles N. Kariuki (2002 - 2009)
  3. Prof Mbeche Isaac Meroka ( 1997 - 2002)
  4. Mr. John K. Kenduiwo ( 1991- 1996)
  5. Prof. Danny Fernandes
  6. Prof. Gituro Wainaina
  7. Dr.Julius Rotich
  8. Mr. J.O. Onyango

The Department of Management Science is involved in teaching, research and consultancy in Operations Management and Management Information Systems. These two areas equip decision-makers with skills in quantitative and qualitative aspects of Operations Management and Information Technology for enhancing quality management decisions.

The Department is currently offering three options at BCom level after a recent review of its courses,  two at the MBA level, and two at PhD level.

The options at BCom level are:-

  • Operations Management
  • Business Information Systems and
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management

The options at the MBA level are:-

  • Management Information Systems
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management and
  • Operations Management

The options at PhD level are:-

  • Strategic Information Systems and
  • Operations Management

The Department is headed by a chairman, who is assisted by two examination officers cum academic advisors. In addition, the department is in charge of the Faculty's ICT resources.

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